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  • Unlimited Organisation
  • Limit of 5000 transactions per organisation per year**
  • All features included

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1 Organisation

Rs. 2999 / year*

  • 1 Organisation
  • Limit of 5000 sales invoices per year
  • All features included

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5 Organisation

Rs. 4999 / year*

  • 5 Organisations
  • Limit of 25000 sales invoices per year
  • All features included

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*GST @ 18% Extra
**Transactions include all types of transactions like sales, purchase, payment, receipt, credit note, debit note, fund transfer, journal entries.
An organisation means one books of accounts. If you have multiple GSTIN then you need multiple organisations.

Frequently asked questions

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    • How does free access for 8 years after cancellation works?

      If you cancel your subscription, you will have view and edit access to one financial year for each year of your subscription. For example, you subscribe for 3 years and then cancel, you will have access to 3 financial years you choose.

      This is provided as it is required under Income Tax and GST act to keep your accounts for 8 years. So, if you choose to move to another software or your business is closed down, you still have access to your accounts.

    • What is price lock for 5 years?

      It means your subscription price will not increase for 5 years. The price at which you subscribe for first time is locked for 5 years from the date of subscription. So you don't have to worrry about price increase for 5 years. After 5 years, the price applicable will be the price at that time.

      It does NOT mean that you are locked for 5 years. You can choose to not renew your subscription.

    • What is an organisation?

      Each organisation is like a separate books of account. You can create multiple organisations and manage them separately. If your organisation has two GSTIN then you have to create two organisations.

    • Is there a money back guarantee?

      We provide a 30 days free trial. So we suggest to check all featurs before subscribing. We do not privide money back guarantee.

    • Can I change my plan from Premium to Basic plan or vice-versa?

      You can upgrade your plan from Basic to Premium plan anytime.

      You cannot downgrade your plan from Premium to Basic plan. However, at time of renewal you can choose to renew your subscription for Basic plan.

    • Are there any setup or hidden fees?

      No. There are no setup or hidden fees of any kind.